Saddleback College

Saddleback College

Saddleback College is the largest member of the South Orange County Community College District, and the College offers educational opportunities and support services to a diverse and growing population in southern Orange County.

Our Vision:
To inspire and develop through excellence in education a community of diverse learners dedicated to achieving their full potential in our global society.

Our Mission:
To provide access to learning opportunities that promote student success; to foster intellectual growth, and individual expression; and to support a dynamic and diverse environment of innovation and collegiality.

Our Goal:
The primary goal of Saddleback College is to provide a comprehensive postsecondary education and a full range of student services. Emphasis is placed on open access to all students, including a changing and diverse student population. Academic success and student achievement are joint responsibilities of the students, the staff, and the College. To this end, the College will:

  • Provide educational programs leading to the Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees.
  • Provide a comprehensive, broad range of high-quality courses and programs to enable students to pursue their educational objectives and career goals.
  • Provide a meaningful general education program including baccalaureate-level transfer and occupational curricula.
  • Provide necessary developmental, remedial, and basic skills instruction so that students may be successful in their chosen course of study.
  • Provide access for the community to the educational, cultural, and recreational resources of the College.
  • Provide counseling and other support services which are responsive to the needs of students.
  • Provide opportunities in continuing education and community services, including courses for skills upgrading and retraining for professionals and life-long learning for older adults.
  • Provide opportunities for the promotion of economic development within the scope of the mission of the District and the College.

To fulfill this goal, Saddleback College offers:

General Education
The purpose of general education is to introduce students to the various ways in which people comprehend the world. This philosophy of general education reflects the conviction that those who complete the courses will have had an opportunity to learn basic principles, concepts, and methodologies both unique to and shared among the various disciplines. Students who successfully complete the general education requirements will be better prepared to evaluate and appreciate physical, cultural, and social environments. Successful completion of the courses will contribute to a better self-understanding.

Associate Degrees
Associate degrees are awarded upon the successful completion of a prescribed program of study. Associate degrees are designed to provide opportunities for students to develop skills to communicate clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing; to use computational skills; to demonstrate the modes of inquiry of the major disciplines; to demonstrate awareness of other cultures and times; to gain insights relative to ethical problems; to think critically; and to develop the capacity for self-understanding.

Vocational and Occupational Education
Vocational Certificates of Achievement and Occupational Skills awards are designed to prepare students to qualify for positions in business and industry, technical fields, and selected professions.

Lower-Division Transfer Education
Baccalaureate-level transfer courses, which include general education and transfer major preparation courses, are provided for those students who wish to earn higher degrees after transferring to four-year universities and colleges.

Counseling and Student Services
The college provides a wide range of counseling and support services to meet the needs of students from diverse backgrounds. Our rapidly changing and complex society poses many challenges to students when making decisions about education objectives, career opportunities, and life changes. Counseling and student support services are available to assist students in making these decisions.

Community Education
The College provides not-for-credit educational opportunities for the community through fee-based classes and programs for adults and children. Classes are self-supporting and do not receive funding through state or local taxes or the College's budget.